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Why an Apprenticeship?

Embarking on an apprenticeship in the piping trade offers a fulfilling career trajectory for those driven to master the craft and contribute actively to a respected and esteemed trade union. The merits of a union apprenticeship manifest in the form of competitive wages and comprehensive benefits that accompany expertise in the craft. As an apprentice, you’ll operate within the security of a union contract, ensuring access to insurance, pension plans, and health and welfare benefits. Affiliating with the UA not only enhances your skills but also proves financially advantageous in the long term.

The Process

To join the UA without any prior experience, individuals enter a United Association five-year apprenticeship program and are part of a select group of men and women motivated to learn a complex and challenging trade while upholding the ideals of trade unionism.

Applicants are evaluated on the same fair basis, without regard to race, sex, national origin or religious affiliation. UA apprentices learn through both classroom and on the job training in what is considered by many to be the best construction industry apprentice program in the world.

The five-year apprenticeship period is divided into one-year segments, each of which includes 1,700 to 2,000 hours of on the job training and a minimum of 246 hours of related classroom instruction. All UA apprentices receive a strong general education in the trade, with core courses in basics such as mathematics, science, drafting, welding and other pipe trades related courses.

At a certain point, apprentices can choose a specific path to follow, to be trained as a journeyman plumber, pipefitter, sprinkler fitter, and HVACR Technician.